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Why is First Aid Important

Ricky Kambray
Ricky Kambray

If you ask anyone who has completed a first aid training course if it was worthwhile, they will reply, “Yes!” So it’s crucial to have a proper understanding of first aid.

Therefore, today we will look at the top 9 reasons why is first aid important.

So without further ado, let’s begin!


“Take some time to learn first aid and CPR. It saves lives, and it works” – Bobby Sherman

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9 Reasons Why is First Aid Important?

Human bodies are susceptible to trauma, sickness, and injury. However, we can never predict when an accident will happen to ourselves, the people we care about, or those nearby. The ability to handle situations, prevent them from getting worse or get by until medical help arrives is always advantageous.

Accident and mishap victims should receive first aid during work and school hours and other situations. A person also has to learn the essentials of giving first aid, which they can learn through training.



Some people are giving primary treatments to some people

People hesitate to participate in First Aid training programmes for many reasons:

  • They’re busy.
  • They are still determining where to go.
  • They believe they already know enough, or 
  • They believe accidents happen to other people and not to them or their friends, family, or coworkers.


Here are the 9 reasons why first aid is important


Young woman instructor showing how to treat babies to a group of trainees


1. First Aid Does More Than Save Lives

First aid not only helps you in life-saving but also teaches you to handle bleeding, burns, dyspnea, bites, shocks, stings, splints, and fainting so you can adequately respond to any medical scenario life throws at you. 

2. It Can Stop an Infection

The probability of infection might be increased or decreased depending on how someone treats an injury. It’s simple to make matters worse if you don’t have the proper training. 

For example, with the correct instruction and resources, you can improve healing and prevent infection by using clean bandages, water, soap, petroleum jelly, etc.

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3. You Can Explain What Happened to Doctors Effectively

If you are skilled in first aid, you can stay with someone in need and give help straight away. You are also better prepared to explain what happened when the doctors show up. 

You can offer crucial details on what caused the incident and what it looked like, even if the individual experiencing it is not in a state to talk. This communication allows doctors to make the best choices for their patients.

A paediatric doctor is giving playful treatment to a child patient


4. It Improves Worker Safety

If just one person is trained in first aid and they are the ones in need, what will happen? Medical emergencies can occur at any time. Knowing first aid can help a business maintain its clients safe since many workplaces first aid interact with the public. 

5. It Protects Children

Medical emergencies sometimes involve children as victims. They are less coordinated, move around a lot, and enjoy playing with their surroundings. Accidents can happen quickly, even if a person is a highly attentive parent. 

A basic understanding of first aid can help parents deal with everything from minor cuts and bruises to more threatening emergencies like seizures.

A group of children learning first aid on a baby's manikin with a paramedic


6. It Enhances Mental Peace

Learning first aid will significantly reduce your fear of medical situations. In life, unexpected things usually happen. The worst-case scenario for many people is something happening to them or a loved one. First aid can make you feel less anxious by preparing you for many terrifying situations.

Girl meditating on the background of the evening city


7. It Creates More Job Opportunities

The range of professions you can apply to increases if you know first aid. First aid knowledge is a must for some occupations. 

As a result, whether you want to work as a lifeguard, flight attendant, social worker, or childcare provider, you probably need to know first aid important.

If you’re applying to positions where you interact with the public, such as in retail, having recent first aid training also looks good.

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8. It Saves Money

First aid not only saves lives; it also reduces medical costs. How? If you know how to properly treat a cut or minor burn, you won’t unknowingly damage it. Instead, you will take the necessary treatment. 

First aid also stops more dangerous problems from worsening, so even if you need to go to the hospital, the cost of care will be lower. Businesses also save money thanks to proper first aid training because the workplace is safer.

9. Protects Against Things Getting Worse

A trained individual would understand how to prevent the problem from getting worse. Also, they will provide emergency care to keep the person from worsening until they can get professional guidance.

A first aid kit with emergency medicines


In a nutshell, learning first aid will benefit both you and your community. In the event of an accident or other emergency, it allows you to support injured people until help arrives.

First Aid knowledge can be applied at home, at work, or in public places; as a result, a community becomes safer as more people are skilled in first aid. We hope this blog will give you a clear understanding of why is first aid important.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]


Who is the most important person in first aid?

First aiders may be the “first on the scene” at a crisis, so they should be familiar with the fundamentals of incident management. The primary principle of incident management is that your safety comes first, and you are the most important person in first aid.

Why do first aiders have a significant role in saving lives?

First aiders play a vital role in saving lives by maintaining a casualty’s condition until expert help can arrive and prevent their condition from worsening.

Why is it essential to have a first aider at work?

Having a first aider at work is crucial because it helps your employees to act quickly in a sudden accident, illness, or injury.

Who benefits from first aid?

First aid instruction is mainly for your self-benefit. Both temporary incapacity and permanent injuries, quick recovery or lengthy hospitalisation. 

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