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Abu Sayed Naiem
Abu Sayed Naiem

Becoming a successful manager isn’t just about holding a position; it’s about mastering the art of people management and leadership and embracing essential management skills for managers. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the key ideas for being a good manager. We’ll look at the qualities, characteristics, and skills that make a manager great.

Let’s start a journey to find out the hidden ideas behind being a good leader, creating a corporate culture, and the role of project managers in the workplace.

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How to Be a Good Manager That Your Team Will Love?

Being a manager can be tough. It means you need to know how to get people and things to work together to achieve goals, make tough choices, and provide feedback while also asking for it.

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A recent survey by Gallup found that 70 percent of a team’s engagement is influenced by the manager. This shows why it’s important for professionals to learn how to lead and organise their colleagues to get good results.

If you want to advance in your career and become a good manager, here are some tips to help you gain more confidence and be more effective in a manager’s role.

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1. Lead by Being the Examplery Figure

“A leader leads by example, not by force.”
– Sun Tzu

The best managers are the ones who show leadership by example. This means being a role model for your team and acting in the same way you want your team to behave. Be hardworking, dedicated, and positive. Be ready to put in extra effort and support your team to succeed.

Here are some specific ways to set a good example:

  • Be on time and ready for meetings.
  • Be well-organised and use your time wisely.
  • Treat everyone on your team with respect, no matter their job.
  • Be honest and clear when you communicate.
  • Be ready to admit when you make a mistake.
  • Be willing to assist your team members when they need it.

By leading by example, you can demonstrate to your team what it means to be a great manager and inspire them to be their best.

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2. Cultivating Essential Managerial Qualities

To be a good manager, you need to have certain qualities that show how you lead. These qualities include being able to communicate well, make decisions, adapt to changes, understand others, and solve problems. Good managers are easy to approach; they get what others are feeling, and they are open to getting feedback. They can adjust to new situations and help their team overcome difficulties with understanding and solving problems.

Plus, the qualities of a good manager include effective communication and problem-solving skills. As a manager, you must be able to express your expectations clearly, give helpful feedback, and really listen to your team. Making decisions means making tough choices when needed, and it’s important to make smart decisions that are good for the team and the organisation.

Here are some specific tips for being a good communicator as a manager:

  • Be clear and brief when you explain things or set expectations.
  • Avoid using complicated or technical words that your team might not understand.
  • Be open to feedback and be willing to change your approach when necessary.
  • Listen carefully and pay attention to how your team members act and sound.
  • Be truthful and open in your communication, even when it’s not good news.

By communicating well, you can build trust with your team and make the work environment more positive and productive.

In addition, another trait of a good manager involves adaptability to different situations. It is very important in today’s ever-changing work world. A good manager should be flexible and open to change. Empathy is another characteristic of a good manager that helps managers understand what their team needs and what worries them. Lastly, having good problem-solving skills lets managers deal with challenges effectively and find solutions that help the team.

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3. Delegate Effectively

No manager can handle everything alone. It’s important to give some tasks to your team so that you can pay attention to the most crucial things. When you assign tasks, be sure to give them to the right people and give them the tools and help they need to do well.

Here are some specific tips for giving out tasks effectively:

  • Choose the right person for the job. Think about the person’s skills, experience, and how busy they are when you give them tasks.
  • Give clear and simple instructions. Make sure the person knows what they need to do, when it should be done, and what tools they have.
  • Have realistic expectations. Don’t expect the person to do the task perfectly or right away.
  • Offer help and guidance. Be there to answer questions and assist when needed.
  • Provide feedback. Once the task is done, let the person know how they did.

By giving out tasks effectively, you can free up your time to focus on the most important things and help your team members improve their skills and confidence.

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4. Provide Coaching and Feedback

Good managers help their team members by giving them regular advice and feedback. This helps team members see what they are good at and where they need to improve. When you give feedback, be clear and helpful. Don’t be mean, and focus on what they are doing, not who they are.

Here are some specific tips for giving advice and feedback:

  • Meet with your team members often to talk about their goals, progress, and problems.
  • Be clear and helpful in your feedback. Focus on what needs to change in their actions, not their personality.
  • Offer help and guidance. Let your team members know that you are there to help them succeed.
  • Be patient and understanding. It takes time for people to make changes.

By giving regular advice and feedback, you can help your team members get better at what they do and achieve their goals.

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5. Fostering a Productive and Positive Corporate Culture

Managers can affect how employees feel at work. Research shows that when employees feel safe to take interpersonal risks, it helps teams perform well. Good managers make the workplace a nice and effective place where team members feel important and respected. This means building a culture where people trust each other, work together, and help each other.

Here are some specific tips for making a good workplace:

  • Build a culture of trust and respect. Treat your team members well and listen to their concerns and ideas.
  • Celebrate success. When your team reaches a goal, take time to celebrate. It makes people feel good and motivated.
  • Learn from mistakes. When something goes wrong, look at what happened and learn from it. This can stop the same problems from happening again.
  • Help your team grow and get better. Encourage them to learn and develop their skills. This helps them in their careers and the team as a whole.

Additional Tips for Being a Good Manager

Along with the five tips mentioned earlier, here are some more tips for being a good manager:

  • Be fair and consistent. Treat all your team members fairly and equally. This builds trust and respect.
  • Be supportive and motivating. Be there for your team and offer them help and encouragement. This helps them succeed and do their best.
  • Be open to new ideas. Be open to new thoughts and suggestions from your team. This makes the work environment more creative and productive.
  • Be open to learning. The business world has changed a lot. Be ready to learn new things and adapt to these changes. This makes you a more effective manager.

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Examples of Great Managers

There are many fantastic managers who have motivated their teams to do amazing things. Here are a few examples:

  • Steve Jobs – He co-founded Apple Inc. and was known for being a great leader and for inspiring new ideas. His hard work and high standards made Apple very successful, and they created famous products like the iPhone and iPad.
  • Oprah Winfrey – She’s a big figure in the media and TV world. She built a successful career through her leadership and by creating a positive workplace. This helped her show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and other media projects do well.
  • Elon Musk – He’s the boss of SpaceX and Tesla and is famous for his creative leadership and new developments in technology and space. His ideas and leadership have made his companies successful. Musk shows the importance of thinking big and making progress.
  • Mary Barra – She’s the CEO of General Motors, a big car company. She’s a great manager in the car industry. She’s led the company through tough times and focused on new ideas and being eco-friendly.
  • Warren Buffett – He’s the leader of Berkshire Hathaway and a famous investor and manager. He’s known for thinking long-term and making smart choices. He manages a lot of different companies successfully. Buffett shows how being consistent and looking at the long term are important in management.


In the world of business and management, mastering how to be a good manager is a continuous journey that needs effective team management, leadership, and a mastery of various management skills. You can prepare for success in your organisation by setting a good example, knowing your job, building important qualities, creating a positive work culture, and understanding the work of project managers.

As you continue on your journey to be a good manager, remember that the workplace experience is ever-evolving. Embrace change management as a part of your leadership role, utilise one-on-one meetings (1 on 1) to connect with your team, and prioritise developing the employees’ skills for business growth.


Is business management a good degree?

Getting a business management degree is a good thing. It can help you find jobs in different industries. It teaches you team lead skills and can lead to a successful career.

What makes a good manager?

A great manager’s qualities include being good at talking to others, understanding their feelings, adapting to changes, and solving problems. They show how to do things right and create a happy workplace.

What is a good manager?

A good manager is someone who helps and leads their team well, talks clearly, and helps the organisation reach its goals.

What are management skills?

Management skills cover various abilities, like talking well, making good choices, adjusting to changes, solving problems, and leading.

Is project management a good career?

Working in project management can be a satisfying career with lots of chances. It gives you the opportunity to lead and complete projects successfully, making it a valuable and fulfilling career choice.

How to improve management skills?

To get better at being a manager, work on getting better at talking to others, making choices, adjusting to changes, understanding others, and solving problems. Learning all the time, getting feedback, and getting experience are important for improving these skills.

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