Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?

Cookies make it easier for you to navigate between website pages, remember your site preferences, or otherwise help improve your experience as a website visitor. They will also tailor any adverts you see relative to your interests, based on your browsing history. They can only be used to monitor overall website usage habits, and have absolutely no way of identifying you personally.

Our Cookie Usage

When establishing an account with us, we use cookies to help manage the sign-up process and associated administration. These are deleted when you log out, however, in some instances, certain site preferences will be retained. This means you don’t have to log in every time you visit a new page on the website. We also use cookies to help remember a customer between pages of our online payment process, to help facilitate a smooth transaction. Additionally, we sometimes request engagement with surveys or questionnaires to help better understand how our customers use our websites and to guide our ongoing development process. We use cookies sometimes to remember which of our visitors have already completed a survey. Cookies can also be deployed when you provide data through web forms, such as contact pages, to help remember users for future correspondence. You have the ability to set your own preferences when using our website, to help tailor the website to your needs – we use cookies as a way of remembering individual visitor preferences to provide an overall better customer experience.

Third Party Cookies

We may, on occasion, use cookies established through trusted third parties. We employ a range of Google Analytics cookies to help us get a better understanding of how our visitors and customers use and engage with our website, which allows us to make informed changes going forward. These cookies track data such as the pages visited on our website, and how long was spent on each. Cookies may also be used to ensure consistency of user experience when we try out changes to our site services or features. We occasionally use third-party cookies to help us monitor information relating to the purchases made through our website. This tracks various information, such as how many purchases are made, and what the most popular purchases are. There may be occasions where we offer customised content, based on your preferences as established based on directly or indirectly provided information. Here the use of third-party cookies helps us to ultimately offer you more interesting content relevant to your interests.

Disabling Cookies

Through using our website, you have the option of disabling cookies via your browser settings. Your individual browser’s Help section can tell you how to do this. Please keep in mind, however, that disabling cookies may disrupt the functionality of our website and limit the usage of certain features. To get the best from our website, it’s recommended that you do not disable cookies – though it’s always your right to do so.

Further Help & Guidance

If you have any further questions, queries, or comments relating to our cookie policy, contact us via [email protected] for more assistance.