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Our Expertise

Study Plex is a company focused on providing a range of learning and development opportunities, to entertain and educate our learner base through the use of modern learning technology. 

We work with a range of instructors who have a serious passion for delivering their industry experience and providing invaluable training opportunities. Our goal is simple – to provide excellent quality training materials, presented in the most engaging and informative way possible. This, we feel, is the path to providing genuine knowledge which can then be practically applied in the real world.

Our courses are all designed by highly qualified professionals to take a step away from the musty, dull image of learning and instead replace it with something genuinely enjoyable and fun. Our courses remain accredited by both relevant national and international bodies however, to ensure you receive certification you can be proud of.

We can’t wait to learn a little more about you and what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll then be able to use our passion, skills, experience, and enthusiasm to help and guide you through a genuinely productive learning process.

Why Choose Us

The first thing to know about Study Plex is that everyone on our team truly believes in what we do. We don’t believe in the “course by numbers” approach to online learning, and we feel that genuine engagement is so much more valuable. It’s our goal to blend cutting edge e-learning technology with straight-forward content developed by industry professionals. Our 98% pass rate vindicates our belief, we feel. As such, if you’re looking to just learn a new skill or form the knowledge base that will let you take a step into the career of your dreams, Study Plex is the place to be. Our courses are designed to equip you with the essential skills and credentials to demonstrate your new skills and add extra value to your CV. Who said learning should be boring? At Study Plex, you’ll find the learning process is engaging and immersive in equal measure. We provide a broad range of courses suitable for all skill levels and backgrounds. Whether you want to advance your career prospects, learn a new skill, or broaden your educational horizons, you’ll find your perfect course at Study Plex. You can pick them up and put them down depending on your time constraints. Our courses are also available on multiple devices, to offer you the maximum possible convenience.

What We Do

Learning is the basis of everything we do here at Study Plex. We truly believe in the importance of offering truly beneficial learning and training opportunities, provided by genuine industry experts. Our courses are designed to seamlessly blend interaction, quality content, and the benefits of technological advancement, all to provide a real-world applicable learning experience.

We break our courses down into bite-size modules, aimed to allow learners to easily grasp concepts at their own pace. This training method has been a proven path to success for learners of all kinds. Our courses are designed to integrate within your busy lifestyle, allowing you to learn anywhere on any device.

Business Goal

Our Vision

Our mission is to support our students’ aspirations by providing a tailored learning experience and industry-recognised credentials.

We want to inspire more learners every single day by delivering engaging and innovative courses across a varied range of subjects. It’s our ambition to be the number one online learning provider, offering valuable and trusted certification.

Business Goal

Our Mission

The creation of a fulfilling, fun, stress-free learning environment accessible to all students.

We want to provide a user-friendly experience to learners of all backgrounds. We wish to provide equal opportunities for all students, offering internationally recognised certification and comprehensive support service.

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People love learning with Study Plex. Our focus on quality education at every stage ensures 100% success of our students that have a road-map.

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