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Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: Professional Course

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Are you looking to begin your career or want to gain more advanced skills? Then this course will help you get one step closer to your professional aspirations and develop your skills and knowledge for a rewarding career.

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Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: Professional Course
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To be successful in today’s digital advertising industry you need to keep up with new products, trends, and companies. But without on the job training, this can be difficult. In this course I explain important topics and how it applies to major brands and businesses.

I also review companies that specialize in these products. I don’t just explain location targeting or how retargeting works, but I show you the companies that specialize in those products so you have a clearer picture of the space.

If you work in advertising, media, digital, or any combination of those then this course is for you. Go beyond asking for geo-targeted media and learn the difference between the types of targeting available to make a more informed buy. Don’t just know the difference between a DSP and SSP, see a real-life example of how to setup a campaign in these platforms.

Need to negotiate a contract? I walk through the process, parties involved, and give advice on how to handle it. Worried about Ad Blocking? I explain how it works and how the industry has responded.

I even include interviews with industry experts from major companies like Google. These experts have decades of experience and work for some of the largest and most popular companies in the world. They share insights and knowledge about the space that can only come from someone who’s currently working in a senior management position.

This comprehensive course is designed by industry experts; this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Not only will it make you more lucrative to potential employers, but it will also give you the confidence to apply for that dream job.

This course is divided into bite-sized modules to make it easy to follow. The modules of this course cover all essential areas to provide you with the appropriate skills and industry knowledge to take your career to the next level. Whether you are travelling around the world or juggling work and family, this course can be completed anytime, anywhere. This flexibility enables you to learn at your own pace, fitting your studies around your current lifestyle.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Digital Advertising & Marketing 301 – I’m Your Host! 00:02:00
Location Targeting - IP, Wifi, Cell Tower, GPS and How to Detect Fraudulent Data
Location Targeting Part 1 – How it Works, IP, Wifi, & Cell Tower Targeting 00:08:00
Location Targeting Part 2 – GPS Targeting, + How to Find Lat/Longs on Google 00:06:00
Location Targeting Part 3 – Location Tech Companies & Fraud Detection/Prevention 00:06:00
Beacons - Beacon Target in Digital Marketing. Super Targeted location Data
Beacons – Beacon Target in Digital Marketing, Super Targeted Location Data 00:05:00
Retargeting - Retargeting In Digital Marketing & Live Examples
Retargeting – How Advertisers run Digital Retargeting Advertising Campaigns 00:06:00
Bid Requests & CPM Breakdown
Bid Request/Bid Response – The RTB buying process explained 00:11:00
Cost Break Down – How is a Final CPM Calculated 00:08:00
Research - Publisher, Competitor Spend, Trends, and Social Media listening
Research: Introduction & Publisher Research, Comscore, Quantcast, Kantar & more 00:14:00
Research: Competitor & Spend Information, Find Where Competitors are Spending 00:10:00
Research: Trends, eMarketer, Google Keywords, AdWeek/AdAge/Digiday 00:14:00
Platform Demos : Running Facebook Ads, DSP Use. SSP Use & More
Setting a Facebook Brand Page to Use for Facebook Ad Campaign 00:07:00
Social Media Marketing: Creating a Paid Facebook Advertising Campaign 00:00:00
DSP Demo Part 1 – Setting Up a Campaign in a Demand Side Platform 00:20:00
DSP Demo Part 2 – Uploading Creative & Custom Audiences 00:07:00
SSP Demo Part 1 – How to work with an SSP and Getting Setup 00:10:00
SSP Demo Part 2 – Setting Up a Mediation Group in Google’s AdMob 00:05:00
Mobile Banner Ad Best Practices – A Quick Guide from AdMob 00:03:00
Contract Negotiations - Who's Involved in The Process and T&Cs
Contract Negotiations – How to Review and Execute a Digital Media IO 00:14:00
AdBlocking - This History of AdBlocking ,Trends, and Industry Response
AdBlocking – This history of AdBlocking, Trends, and Industry Response 00:15:00
Social Listening
Social Listening Part 1 – How to Find Out What People Say About Your Brand 00:16:00
Social Listening Part 2 – Post-Campaign Results & Social Media War Rooms 00:06:00
Interviews With Industry Experts
Interview Setup – What to Expect From Our Industry Experts 00:01:00
Kat Earls – Industry Insights Lead at Google / Former Head of Strategy JWT-SF 00:36:00
Obtain Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate of Achievement 00:00:00
Get Your Insurance Now
Get Your Insurance Now 00:00:00
Feedback 00:00:00

This Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: Professional Course is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), and endorsed by Quality License Scheme

What is CPD?

Employers, professional organisations, and academic institutions all recognise CPD, therefore a credential from CPD Certification Service adds value to your professional goals and achievements.

Benefits of CPD

  • Improve your employment prospects
  • Boost your job satisfaction
  • Promotes career advancement
  • Enhances your CV
  • Provides you with a competitive edge in the job market
  • Demonstrate your dedication
  • Showcases your professional capabilities

What is IPHM?

The IPHM is an Accreditation Board that provides Training Providers with international and global accreditation. The Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) accreditation is a guarantee of quality and skill.

Benefits of IPHM

  • It will help you establish a positive reputation in your chosen field
  • You can join a network and community of successful therapists that are dedicated to providing excellent care to their client
  • You can flaunt this accreditation in your CV
  • It is a worldwide recognised accreditation

What is Quality Licence Scheme?

This course is endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. The Quality Licence Scheme is a brand of the Skills and Education Group, a leading national awarding organisation for providing high-quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries.

Benefits of Quality License Scheme

  • Certificate is valuable
  • Provides a competitive edge in your career
  • It will make your CV stand out

Upon successful completion of this Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: Professional Course, you will be qualified to download your free PDF certificate of course completion. It is advised, nevertheless, that you have a certificate and transcript that has been endorsed by the Quality License Scheme or accredited by CPD & IPHM which is highly valued and recognised by the employers in the UK and around the world.

CPD and IPHM Accredited Certificate

Upon successful completion of this Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: Professional Course, you will be eligible to order your CPD and IPHM accredited certificate of achievement (dual certificate) to demonstrate your new skills. A certificate from CPD Certification Service adds value to your professional goal and achievement because CPD is widely acknowledged by employers, professional organisations, and academic institutions. Whereas, an IPHM accredited certificate guarantees the quality and expertise that will help you establish a positive reputation within your targeted industry

Numerous professional organisations and governmental agencies in the UK and other countries accept certifications that have been certified by CPD and IPHM. This means you can share this certificate with prospective employers and your professional network.

The CPD and IPHM accredited certificate of achievement (dual certificate) can be obtained in PDF format at the nominal fee of £12; there is an additional fee to get a printed copy certificate which is £39.

Endorsed Certificate from Quality Licence Scheme

On successful completion of the Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: Professional Course, you will be eligible to order the Endorsed Certificate by Quality Licence Scheme. The Quality Licence Scheme is a brand of the Skills and Education Group, a renowned national awarding body for supplying top-notch vocational certifications across a wide range of industries. Thus, you can share this certificate with prospective employers and your professional network which will help you drive a successful career in your chosen industry. There is a Quality Licence Scheme endorsement fee to obtain an endorsed certificate

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  • A Upon successfully enrolling for a course you will receive an email with your login details. Kindly check your inbox/junk folder and spam folder, or you can contact our award-winning customer support team via [email protected]
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  • A Definitely, you can enrol for this course. This is a self-paced online video training course. Once you will purchase the course you will receive your login details via email. As you will have lifetime access to the login portal, hence you can complete your course at your convenient time.
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  • A Our online courses come with lifetime access with no time limit for completion. Each course is fully accessible from a tablet, mobile or laptop, as long as there is a secure internet connection.
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    What is the next step after completing the course?

  • A Upon successfully completing the course you can order your certificate of achievement as proof of your new skill.

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Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: Professional Course
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This course includes:

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