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Where to Get CPR and First Aid Certified

Ricky Kambray
Ricky Kambray

You should be ready for an emergency where first aid or CPR is needed since professional help might take time to arrive at the scene. However, since it is a sensitive matter, it is best to be trained in CPR and first aid. Where to get CPR and First Aid certified?

You can get certified by any training provider that meets the HSE criteria.

What is CPR?

CPR is a way to help the heart keep beating when it stops working. By compressing the chest, you can start the blood flow of the heart; that is how you save a heart attack patient.

What is First Aid?

First Aid is a type of medical care that is usually given right after an injury happens, and at the place where it happened. First aid is a type of medical care that is typically provided immediately following an injury and at the site of the injury.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a type of treatment that is often short-term and requires little technology or training to administer.


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Who are HSE Approved Trainers?

Since October 1, 2013, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) no longer approves training and qualifications to provide first aid at work.

The training institutes, which used to be approved by the HSE to deliver First Aid training, can no longer claim to be approved by the HSE or use their approval number.

This new regulation allows you to receive first aid training from any training facility; however, the training must meet the HSE criteria.

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What are the Criteria for Valid First Aid Training?

All first aid training providers must meet specific criteria set by the HSE. Only then can their training be accepted by the HSE.

The criteria are;

  1. Trainers and assessors need to be qualified to work in the health sector. 
  2. They need to be able to monitor and implement quality assurance systems and make sure that the teaching standards of first aid practice are up to date. 
  3. They also need to create a syllabus according to HSE guidelines.
  4. Trainers should be certified.


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Organisations that provide training in first aid also meet the principles of assessment for first aid qualifications.

This mainly points out that;

  • First aiders must have the competence and qualifications to help people in an emergency. 
  • They need to have quality assurance systems in place to ensure the training they receive is effective. 
  • Training is generally delivered in a classroom setting, but it can also be delivered on the job. After training, First Aiders must be assessed to see if they are competent to provide care.

Training Courses

Some employers prefer to have first aiders among their employees. In such cases, the employer needs to make sure that those first aiders have taken appropriate First Aid and CPR training. Typically, it is called “first aid at work (FAW) or emergency first aid at work (EFAW)”.

EFAW training helps you to help someone who is injured or becomes ill while they are at work.

FAW training includes EFAW (Emergency First Aid and Wound Care) and teaches the skills needed to help someone injured or with a sickness. 

Some employers may also require a different level of training than the one provided during the job interview. This may be due to the employer’s specific needs.


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When Does Certificate Expire?

The HSE recommends that first-aiders attend annual refresher training every three years. This training is usually half a day long. To keep up to date with changes to first-aid procedures, some people choose to take a course. 

This is not mandatory but will help you stay skilled and up-to-date.

Moreover, certificates for first aid at work last for three years. First-aiders need to take a requalification course to keep their certificates current.

Is E-Learning Valid?

Since this is 2022, online first aid and CPR training are  Section 23 of the guidance contains the need criteria, which are also accepted. Section 23 of the guidance contains the need criteria.

So, rather than adding in-person training to your already busy schedule, get your CPR and first aid certification online through First Aid Training Online. We offer different types of first aid and CPR training online. Our course covers all HSE criteria.

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Saving someone’s life is no joke. In the UK, there are usually about 30,000 cardiac arrests each year where emergency medical services try to help the person who has stopped breathing. 

The chance of survival is low. Only 1 in 10 people survive in the UK.

Being CPR and first aid certified enables you to help decrease these unfortunate deaths. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can you be sued for providing first aid?

Ans: No legal precedent has been set in the UK where a casualty has successfully sued an individual who gave them treatment in an emergency resuscitation situation.

How successful is CPR?

Ans: According to research, CPR increases the possibility of a patient’s survival by double or quadruple.

How to tell if the CPR is working or not?

Ans: If the chest rises after providing CPR, it is a sign that it is working. It might seem difficult and scary, but don’t be scared of providing CPR. It can save a person’s life.

Can I kill someone if I do CPR incorrectly?

Ans: No. The person in cardiac arrest is already clinically dead. CPR can only help.

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