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What Is Body To Body Massage

Ricky Kambray
Ricky Kambray

As an ancient practice, body-to-body massage has been around for centuries. This massage therapy is a relaxing experience that helps relieve stress and tension.

This term is quite confusing, and many people want to know what body-to-body massage is.

Generally, it is a sensational massage therapy where two people touch each other without using their hands. It is a pure therapy to relieve fatigue and improve blood flow throughout the body. This massage can be done with or without clothes on—it’s up to you!

To explore more, keep reading this blog and learn more about body-to-body massage and other massages.

Do you know what is a body-to-body Massage?

The body-to-body massage is also known as a Nuru massage. It involves the therapist massaging the client with their own body. The therapist’s hands, arms, legs, and feet are frequently used in this, and it can be done with or without using oils.

He has the option of using their head, knees, elbows, or even their feet. The process usually begins with the client’s back and moves down to their legs and feet.

As the masseur uses their own body to massage the client, this massage is a very intimate experience. However, it is also called an erotic massage technique. Because it allows the client to feel very close to the therapist, and there may be direct contact with the client’s body.

But this can be a very relaxing and therapeutic experience for them. At the same time, they are both active in this process, which creates differences in massage methods. 

In Japan, they used Nuru gel, a thick organic oil smeared on the massage’s receiver and the giver. Most of the time, a female therapist does this.

A woman is relaxing and taking a body massage at a spa


What Are the Benefits of body-to-body Massage?

We already know that body-to-body massage is used as a form of relaxation that involves rubbing one person against another. There are numerous benefits to this body-rubbing massage as well.

For example-

  • Stress reduction and relaxation enhancement
  • Reducing pain, muscle soreness, and tension.
  • Improving circulation, energy, and alertness.
  • lowering blood pressure and heart rate
  • Immune system improvement.
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Give instant relaxation

A woman is enjoying her body massage at a spa

How Many Types of Body Massages Are There?

Any type of massage can refresh and uplift your mood. You’ll notice high-quality results if you regularly receive messages from a top-notch spa.

There are currently over 80 different types of massage, each with its own characteristics. Among them, some popular massage types are described below.

Swedish Massage: Known as a classic massage, it promotes relaxation by releasing muscle tension. Swedish massage helps to relax tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at a computer or exercising.

Deep-tissue massage: This technique is used to treat musculoskeletal issues and relieve tension and chronic pain in the upper back, shoulders, lower back, and neck by deep tissue massage.

Sports Massage: Sportspeople use sports massage. This massage helps athletes recover from injuries faster and perform better. They use it for pre-and post-game warm-ups.

Hot Stone Massage: The therapist relieves muscle tension and pain in this famous massage. The heat from the rocks relaxes the muscles and makes them more pliable.

Regular Massage: It is a typical massage process that helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Reflexology: It involves applying pressure to specific areas on the feet (or the hands). According to reflexology theory, areas of the foot can keep in touch with organs and systems of the body.

Shiatsu Massage: This therapeutic bodywork from Japan uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques. It is performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing.

Thai Massage: A combination of compression, acupressure, and passive stretching is the essence of Thai massage. It increases the range of motion in your joints and muscles. This can also improve your posture.

Aromatherapy Massage: If you have any health issues, why not try this therapy? Applying essential oils by a massage specialist maintains suppleness, provides pain relief and provides the aroma of mental stimulation.

Normal Massage: In this massage, a trained massage therapist rubs and kneads your body using his hands. He applies gentle or intense pressure to the muscles by using his hands. During this time, the body responds by removing pain and tension from the joint parts.

A man is enjoying his body massage at a spa


What is Included in a Full Body Massage?

The entire body receives equal attention and pressure during a full body massage. It requires the massager to work on every aspect of the body, front and back, up and down. This is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your whole body.

A skilled massage therapist can help you. They know way better than us about what kind of massage we need. Usually, this includes your arms, legs, hands and feet, neck and back, stomach and buttocks. The area around the breasts is generally massaged, but not the breasts themselves.

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Is body massage good for weight loss?

A massage is a powerful tool for weight loss for obese people because it helps you get rid of extra fat, reduce cellulite, and enhance digestion.

A woman is taking a hot stone massage at a spa


What Are the 10 Benefits of Body massage?

People are always interested in the advantages of anything. So, when it comes to massages, I hope you understand how curious they are about it. Body massage has many benefits, but I pick up on 10.

  1. Manage anxiety and stress.
  2. Remove body pain
  3. Improve sleep and flexibility
  4. Boost immunity
  5. Stop headaches
  6. Help treat medical treatment or injuries
  7. Circulate blood flow and heart rate.
  8. Grab the essence of youth and beautiful skin.
  9. Works on body parts and removes toxic
  10. Ease pregnancy pain

How Often Should You Get a Full Body Massage?

Many people are thinking about this question after taking one session. When can they take the next? Honestly speaking, you have to contact your therapist about this. They can recommend the entire schedule. 

Typically, you can do this at least once a month or every three weeks after that. It helps repair healthy tissues and reduces pain after an intense workout or stressful event. Only massage accumulates these problems.


How Long Does a Full Body Massage Take?

You can generally expect a full body massage for about an hour. Some have shorter options that take closer to 30-45 minutes. Still, the total time also depends on your therapist and your massage techniques


How Do You Massage Your Leg Muscles?

You must follow some procedures when discussing the damage to your leg muscles. First, wrap one or both hands’ figures around your ankle.

Then work your leg up, squeezing the power with your fingers and using your thumbs to apply more pressure if you like. Then, continue up your leg until it reaches your hip.

Repeat, working your way around your leg.

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What Should I Do After a Body Massage?

Your message just ended. Oh, it’s a pleasure to have new energy, but you should be aware of some things below after this.

  • Drink a lot of water, especially for the next 24 hours.
  • Take a nice hot shower or bath.
  • Do not go do an intense workout.
  • Do all the stretches and/or exercises your massage therapist gave you.
  • Urinate.
  • Pay attention to your body’s reaction.


Hope you are now aware of what body-to-body massage is. It is an active form of massage that energises and enhances your mood.

The masseuse begins by massaging their own body, then uses their body to massage the client. So if you want to try this book, make an appointment and take pleasure.


Frequently Asked Question


Q: What is a body-to-body massage?

Body-to-body massage therapy is a relaxing experience that helps relieve stress and tension.


Q: What is a body-on-body massage?

A body-on-body massage is a type of massage that uses the masseuse’s own body and bare skin rather than massage oil or lotion. This form of massage allows the muscles to be massaged deeply by utilising leverage, body weight, and strategic placement of limbs.


Q: How much does a body massage cost?

The cost of a massage can vary. It depends on the type of massage, the message length, and the spa’s calibre.


Q: Will I have to undress when I’m having a full body massage?

If you do body-to-body massage, you have to undress. 


Q: What are the two significant benefits of a massage?

Reducing stress and blood circulation are the two main significant benefits of massage.


Q: Which type of massage is best

Swedish massage therapy is generally the best.


Q: How can I do body-to-body massage?

Get an appointment with a spa or massage, and prepare for your massage. It’s expensive, so you must clearly follow the terms and conditions before getting an appointment. 

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