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How To Bell Train A Dog

Ricky Kambray
Ricky Kambray

Ever wonder what your dog is attempting to tell you? You can better connect with your dog or puppy by teaching them to ring a bell when they need to go outdoors to relieve themselves. When a dog has to go outside, they frequently start going to the door and occasionally starts barking.

However, if you give your dog or puppy a bell or button, then it will help them to express their emotions with you clearly. 

So, today we will find out how to bell train a dog. 


What Makes Dog Bell Training So Great?

Imagine a scenario in which your dog never has an accident and always informs you when he has to go outside.

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Read on to discover how you can make this a reality!

If your dog regularly barks and whines or sits there staring at you when your dog is ready to go outside, training the dog to use a bell will make asking to go out as simple as possible.

By doing this, you can build trust with your dog. It will make it easier for your dog to relieve himself outside, which should help prevent accidents from happening inside while potty training. Anybody can understand the bell signal (as long as they know your dog is training), so your dog can ask to go potty despite who your dog is with. When a dog is young, bell training is appropriate as it can be balanced with potty training.

Bell or Button Alternatives

You can use various ways to allow your dog to express the need to go outside. The most simple and affordable solution is to place bells hanging from the doorknob or close to the door. You can also install receivers all over your home to hear your dog ring the doorbell from any room. However, talking buttons—recordable buttons you may use to train your dog to speak —are the most technologically advanced choice.

How to Bell Train a Dog?

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Treats or touch are simple ways to encourage your dog to ring a bell. But the best way to achieve it is to let them know the process by which they can use the bell or button because we’re trying to teach our dogs to communicate with us independently rather than to respond to a signal. Through repeated practice, your dog will begin to fill the role as it becomes clear that ringing the bell is a means to request to go outdoors.

Now let’s dive into the below steps that will help you understand how to bell train a dog.

Step 1: Introduce the bell.

Be sure to teach your dog how to use the bell or button of your choosing. Then, allow your dog to investigate it as well to make sure it’s not something to be concerned about. For example, if your dog shows interest in or interacts with the bell or button, then reward and treat your dog.

Step 2: Place the bell.

Place the bell close to the door that you use most often to let your dog out to relieve himself. Push the button or ring the bell each time you let your dog out. The idea is for your dog to start connecting the sound of the bell with going outdoors through repetition. The key to developing this skill is consistently using the bell or button when walking your dog.

Step 3: When your dog rings the bell, praise him.

Dogs always observe us and pick up new skills from us. Hopefully, your dog will learn that the bell indicates leaving the house after seeing you ring it before leaving. Continue doing this until your dog starts to ring the bell on its own, uninvited by you. Give your dog lots of praise and take them outside as soon as they ring the bell.

Relationship Development

Most dogs quickly pick up on how to ring a bell or click a button to enter the outdoors. If you and your dog have a common language of bells or buttons at home, it can diminish irritation, and your bond with your dog can grow. Another benefit is that it allows your dog to communicate their needs to family members who might not be as aware of its typical cues to go outside. The bell system can also assist your dog in adjusting to your absence if you ever have a pet sitter stay at your home because they will be able to communicate some basic needs.

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While teaching your dog to ring a bell may seem like a fantastic feat requiring months of bonding and hard work, it can be learned by simply introducing it into the routine activities you already do with your dog. When your dog masters this training, it will make life easier for you and your dog because he can ask for exactly what he needs! There won’t be any more accidents in the house, and your puppy will feel even closer to you than before. We hope you found this article beneficial in learning how to bell train a dog.


Is bell training suitable for dogs?

Yes. It is good for dogs as it helps them communicate their needs and wants to you more effectively if you give them a bell or button.


How old should a puppy be to bell train?

According to, puppy training normally starts between 8 and 12 weeks of age.


Can an older dog learn to ring the bell?

Yes. It’s possible to bell train an older dog.


What are the seven basic dog commands?

Sit, down, stay, come, heel, off, and no are the seven basic dog commands.


How do you train a dog to ring a doorbell?

Say touch and point to the bell as you and your dog reach the door. Click or yell and reward your dog with a gift as soon as her nose hits the bell. Every time you take your dog outside, follow these steps.


What are potty bells?

Simply put, a potty bell is a bell you can hang by your door, so your dog can ring it when she has to go potty.

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