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How much do counsellors earn?

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Are you interested in becoming a counsellor? So, you are probably the right person who empathises with people and wants to improve their lives. You want to put your time and energy into a career for tremendous growth and get a liveable wage to make your dream come true. But do you have any idea how much counsellors make?

If you are interested in kickstarting your career as a counsellor, you should know how much do counsellors earn.

We have brought this blog to provide you with knowledge of counselling careers, salaries, highest-paid sectors, and importance.

Are you interested in becoming a counsellor?

How Much Do Counsellors Earn?

In the UK, Counselling is considered a ‘helping’ profession, such as nursing, social work, mental health or teaching. Counsellors’ salaries can be competitive based on experience, degree, location, and job type. Therefore, income figures are calculated as a guide only.

  • Starting salaries for counsellors can vary from £20,000 to £26,000.
  • Experienced counsellors can earn between £30,000 and £40,000. Some lead or specialist counselling roles, such as addition, can attract salaries higher than this.
  • The national average wage for a Counsellor is £28,881.
    Salary trajectory in the United Kingdom –
    £34,525 /yr – Counsellor
    £34,004 /yr – Senior Counsellor
    £31,856 /yr – Team Lead Counsellor
  • The starting salaries of counsellors can differ in the region of £20,000 to £26,000.
  • Experienced counsellors can earn between £30,000 and £40,000, and some specialist counsellors earn higher salaries than this.
  • NHS follows the Agenda for Change – pay rates; jobs are often advertised at Band 5, 6, or 7.
    There is no standard scale of fees for private practice work.
  • Rates are changing, typically between £40 and £80 for a 50-minute session.
  • Hourly rates may be £30-£60. more experienced counsellors,

Volunteer counsellors do not receive any salary. For example, a helpline service worker does not get any payment. Instead, he voluntarily gives his service.

Some counsellors might have to work in the evening or during the weekend to match the busy schedule of clients. However, the ordinary working time for counsellors is from 9 am to 5 pm. Depending on individual caseloads and the workplace, counsellors can attend to clients for 20 hours per week. Further, freelancer counsellors work from home.

In the UK, each local authority has a designated NHS-funded organisation that offers low-cost Counselling for those who need it.

In the counselling field, plenty of opportunities are increasing. You can find many jobs in schools, hospitals, organisations, mental health facilities, and private practices. Even you can choose your flexible working time also.

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What Type of Counsellor Gets Paid the Most?

Doesn’t matter whether you belong to counselling or any other sector, the basic curiosity in every field is which job gets paid the most. There are many types of positions available for you to pursue as a counsellor if you want to get decently paid.

Some examples of higher average salaries are –

  • School Counsellor
  • Marriage and Family therapists
  • Mental Health counsellors
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • Child Paediatric counsellors

As you’re likely aware, Child Paediatric counsellors earn higher average salaries, making this profession an enticing opportunity. If you’re considering a career in child counselling, our Child Counselling Course can be your gateway to success. With comprehensive knowledge and essential skills, you’ll become a confident and skilled child counsellor. Explore different aspects of child counselling and put your learning into practice, positively impacting young lives.

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How Much Does a Newly Qualified Counsellor Earn in The UK?

Starting salaries for newly qualified counsellors are from £20,000 to £26,000. This can also vary by the area in which you are practising. This average pay scale is also applicable to the newcomer counsellor. But relatively, the highest-paid site helps increase the Salary and the growth.

According to the Graduate, Outcomes report by HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), the current graduate average wage in the U.K. is just over £24,000*.

High salary ranges widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and years you have spent in your profession. Let’s look at the difference in the average salary of the counsellor depending on their field of speciality-

  • School Counsellors:

School Counsellors are some of the highest-paid counsellors. Their primary duty is to support and guide students in their school. They work with students and focus –

  • Develop educational goals
  • Devise steps to move toward a rewarding career
  • Create strategies to cope with personal issues
  • Assist with a student’s college planning process,
  • Provide educational support,
  • Identify problems and progress
  • Enrich personal or social aspects that can affect individual learning.

The estimated total pay for a School Counsellor is £37,010 per year in the United Kingdom area, with an average salary of £31,662 per year.

  • Marriage and Family Therapist:

One of the highest-paying counselling jobs is that of Marriage and Family Therapist. They focus on the strengths and challenges of marriages, relationships, and partnerships. These professionals work to identify issues in a connection through individual and group assessments. In addition, they implement treatment strategies to –

  • Strengthen bonds between individuals.
  • Help partners acknowledge each other’s feelings
  • Exhibit mutual respect.
  • Make it comfortable to express their feelings.
  • Searching for the deep root of the problem

As per Check A Salary, “The average Marriage and Family Therapist Salary in UK is £39,440.40.”

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  • Mental Health Counsellor:

Mental health counsellors are primarily responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and treating common mental health disorders. This high-paying counselling job allows professionals to work with a wide demographic of patients with various mental health disorders. Their work may include –

  • General individual Counselling,
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy, and
  • Trauma-based individual therapies.

In the UK, the Mental Health Counsellor is paid an average salary of £40,136.65, with a minimum of £22,000.00 and a maximum of £82,500.00.

Looking to have a meaningful career in mental health? Check out our Counselling for Depression Training Diploma Course. It gives you a solid knowledge of depression counselling and essential skills to help those facing depression. With evidence-based strategies, you’ll have the confidence to make a positive impact on their lives.

  • Rehabilitation Counsellor:

Rehabilitation counsellors assist individuals with mental and or physical disabilities to improve their quality of life and ability to live independently. They conduct evaluations of patients’

  • Needs
  • Abilities
  • Health
  • Goals.

Finally, use this evaluation to encourage them to become more confident and self-dependent.

For the Rehabilitation Counsellor, the average salary in the UK is £38,869.82; however, the minimum is £27,761.00, and the maximum is £55,000.00.

  • Paediatric counsellor:

A paediatric counsellor is a counsellor who works with children and adolescents.

These counsellors specially deal with-

  • Emotional difficulties
  • Depression
  • Anxiety.

By educating patients about mental health concerns like these, they and their families can better manage stress and symptoms.

Along with this, the paediatric counsellors assist families in addressing their child’s mental health concerns to navigate their lives successfully.

Paediatric occupational therapists’ average salary is £35,356 per year in England.

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Is Being A Counsellor Worth It?

Counselling is an excellent option for those looking for flexibility in their career. They can schedule their clients around their existing commitments or desired work/life balance. It is worthy because-

  • The counselling sector is increasing day by day. Now people are more conscious about their mental peace. As per Metro, the demand for mental health counsellors is significantly growing. The vacancies went up by 671% in the past year and salaries have also increased by 47.4%, from £28,906 to £42,619.
  • The best thing about being a counsellor is that you can be a part of a child’s life. Improve their present, and establish a better future.
  • The most valuable aspect of being a counsellor is the opportunity to just be there for students. Sometimes it sounds so simple, but it is powerful for a student to feel valued.

Marriage counsellor having a meeting with a couple in the office

  • Counsellors experience others’ journeys and healing from wounds, disorders, and obstacles in their path. Nothing is better than seeing a human being alleviated from emotional, psychological, spiritual or relational pain.
  • The most rewarding part of being a counsellor is giving hope when people feel hopeless. Inspiring others that they are capable of being, they can go out into the world and pay it forward by helping others.

Available jobs and the average salary for different types of counsellors

Besides the highest paid job, some other jobs are available in the counselling sector. For example-

Youth Counsellor    £25,500 - £27,500 a year 
Childline Counsellor    £24,746 a year
Student Counsellor £34,304 - £43,434 a year
Sessional Trauma Counsellor£15.35 an hour
Counselling and Wellbeing Adviser  £34,578 - £37,281 a year
Telephone Counsellor(Children, Young Person  and Adult)     £23,500 - £26,000 a year

Besides, if you find yourself confused between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and traditional counselling, then read our blog on “Differences Between CBT and Counselling” to gain clarity. This informative blog highlights the distinctions between these two therapeutic approaches, helping you make an informed decision about which one suits your needs and goals best.


After reviewing the salaries for counsellors, the highest-paying counselling jobs, and the importance of counsellors, you can decide which counselling career may be right for you. While counselling job salaries may differ, each counselling job can be fulfilling in its own way. So explore your career in the counselling sector and select the best one.

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